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As a result of a high volume of no-show no-call appointments, a deposit of 50% is required to schedule time. For more info on availability, please call/text 913.605.5000

Hourly & Block Rates

5 hour Block Rate = $150
10 Hour Block Rate = $300
All block rates time can be split into multiple sessions per clients request ONLY.
Example* 5 hour block, client can have 5 one hour sessions, 2 two and half hour sessions on different days and times, BLOCK TIME MUST BE USED WITHIN 30 DAYS.

Session Time

Mixing Flat Rate (Non Trackout & Trackout)
Each song mix varies between based on the overall work that needs to be done to that particular mix so our flat rate mixing price range from $75 to $150 (With track-outs) PRO TOOLS SESSION ONLY. Mastering is included for all song mixes. For album mixes/mastering please contact us for more info.

Professional Mixing


$40 per  track
$300 per project (10 to 18 tracks project)

Pro Tools Sessions/ MP3 or WAVE sent via Email:
MP3 format can be sent out with no charge FREE
Track out ProTools Session files sent by email: $20
FREE single CD per a session
Additional CDs: $4.00 Each

Professional Mastering