The Team

Anax Recording Studio

The Story behind

Our main goal is to produce the best sound quality at the most affordable rate. Since it’s establishment, Anax has been a home for many of Kansas City’s upcoming artists. With over 10 years of sound engineering experience, Gordon Asante formed Anax Recording Studio in 2009 in Kansas and founded Anax Entertainment. As an artist and sound engineer Gordon and David of Banx Music Group felt there wasn’t a studio in the area that really caters to upcoming artists in Kansas. That’s our movement at Anax Recording Studio. We have produced and worked with some of the best sound engineers from Jamaica to Chicago to New York, and as far away as Ghana. With so much experience at our disposal we can produce quality sounds for both experienced artists and beginners as well.

It’s said that it’s not about the equipment being used but rather the person using it. Anax Recording Studio has been successful over the years because of the brilliant engineers at our disposal. Each of our sound engineers come from a different backgrounds with experience in all genres of music. We synchronize and share ideas during mixing to deliver fresh sounds to the music for each and every session. By blending the best engineering talents with outstanding customer service, we are committed to perfection. Everything from recording to editing/mixing, midi composition, and song writing, quality matters above all else.

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Amazing Team

  • Selena a.k.a Lala
    Selena a.k.a Lala Anax Publicist/ PR

    LaLa was originally born in Northern Philadelphia grew up in KC took a break from school to pursue her real dreams as an Entrepreneur. She started working in the music industry for Anax in 2016. She’s very determined.

  • Jay Q (Producer)
    Jay Q (Producer) Master Sound Engineer

    Jeff Tennyson Quaye, professionally known by his stage name Jay Q, music record producer, record executive, sound engineer, songwriter and keyboardist. Currently operating from Anax Studio.

  • Ashton D.
    Ashton D. Assistant Manager

    With his unmatched people skills Ash makes sure the studio is functioning in a friendly atmosphere.

  • Gordon Asante
    Gordon Asante Manager/ Sound Engineer

    10 plus years of experience in music production. Has worked with many sound engineers around the world.